Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Herein opens another new chapter in my life, a new beginning. For I have already stepped inside the tomes of a dusty old instituition and resumed my years of scholarly learning, though I do not, by profession, aspire to be one. My duty to the country has been temporarily completed and they are thus satisfied enough. Though there are occasional bouts of longing for the mates that went through thick and thin with you, it cannot be helped. Life goes on, with or without them, whether you want it to or not. Significantly, I am all alone again, akin to without "kith nor kin". Foreseen are the days of walks by the lonely seas, of hearing the incessant waves lapping upon the sandy shores of consciousness.

But I shall resolve to find solace within the comfort of my bosom mate, my pen and my journal. Do not be mistaken. I do have close acquaintances. But at times, there is a need to retreat into your inner self, to reconnect with your spiritual being. The world is harsh and this is my only means of escape to evade the poisonous sting of reality's whip. I seem to be rambling again. But this is only usual. Expect this from time to time. Where else can my frustrations be directed at?

It is only at the behest of my alter ego that I am putting this into electronic form. For there are some things that have to be made known. Some things to be shared. And may these be one of those.I hope. With that, I leave you with the mad rantings of yours truly.

Yours truly



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