Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sometimes I feel like writing normally, that's when I feel sane enough to be able to come here and to just rant about my feelings. I sounded sappy don't I? Haha, get real. This is one of my sane moments. Appreciate it when you can before I lapse into all that shit and people claim I'm psycho again.
I actually do like writing these stuff or poetry. But no one seems to appreciate it. Those who appreciate it like Astarael and the_vanished are actually leagues away from me. In another continent in fact. the_vanished is in England, and Astarael is in Florida. What's new? I'll just have to share it with these people for now and to be content with my lot. I don't think I can find anyone who writes in the same vein as me in my country. Or rather if you can, I think you could have count with your one hand. Rather cynical view don't you think? But that's reality, what can you do about it? It's not really acceptable here to write about such stuff I think. Against the social norms. People will classify you as weird. Therein is where I revel in my nastiness, my darkest desires, my dreams and nightmares here, right on these electronic tomes themselves. Here they will stand the test of time, unless some idiotic server shuts down of course.
Currently I am an undergraduate and has exactly 25 days before my end of term exams starts. Not exactly an appealing thought. After 2 years and 4 months of serving the nation, going back to books can be quite a hallowing experience. Academic mode is on. And clubbing mode is off. I have to cut down on clubbing. It's getting to be a really dangerous experience. No further explanation needed. I don't care. You just shut up. I tend to go only on Wednesday nights to Mambo because I have a soft spot for retro music. I just do. :) University life ain't too bad, but the monotony of studying and studying and doing nothing else is killing me. Why not join a CCA you say? I did entertain the idea of joining one. But after I joined, the experience turned me off. The organization was way too big and bulky. I always like small and trim CCAs. More cosy.
Exams are coming and here I am, still rushing my research paper. After this one on Southeast Asia, there is another one for my business module. Why can't I have a one month study break like SIM? Good life them...Exams means the end of the semester means the end of my modules. I am going to miss some people...Sigh...The transience of human life...See I told you my sanity only can last so long....
I have a feeling this post is not going to last long on this Tomes of Rambling. It is totally out of sync with the rest....We shall see...
Before Aristocrat surfaces again and sucks the life out of me, I had better leave.
raffy in his sanest moment


At 9:46 am, Blogger bYzAnT|N3 said...

GreaT to hear from your true self. sometimes... plain simple words are enough to touc people's heart, of course i don't deny the beauty within figurative poetry. =)


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