Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Letter #18

-edited away for hygenic purposes-What I see on the streets are only the latest fashion from Taiwan or from the U.S of A. I see people mimicking their idols, we see people mimicking television series. Perhaps that might explain the proliferation of flared mini-skirts that I see around nowadays. I see people frolicking in their own naive joys of taking photo-stickers. Aren't the humans here shallow? Do they ever entertain thoughts of the universe? Preoccupied with worshipping idols of gold and glory, I supposed they have already forgotten about true spirituality. Anyway, before I started rambling on and on, it is very, if not infinitely difficult, to find a like-minded person. I have already searched high and low, all over, and yet, contact has not been made. Isn't there a single soul out there who shares what I am feeling??

My favourite shade is now black. Or aren't shades black at all? Those shades that linger at Hell's Gates moaning for you to join them, or those by the Siren's Peak? I feel comfortable only in those colours. The only thing missing now is just a cigarette lazing in between my fingers, with the smoke curling around me. Somehow, I haven't get to that part yet. And it is taking an enormous amount of willpower for me to do so. One day, I might succumb. One day.

Increasingly, as I became single yet again, my fascination with goth returned. When I had a soulmate, she took away all my pain, all my wandering thoughts of netherworld, and transmutated it into some other stuff. My time was spent on her. However, that ceased to be. After over two years, I became a rock by myself again, standing in the midst of the lashing ocean, against the tide of time I braced myself. The bone-resin gates against the thundering pounding of my insane thoughts have opened again. Let the pain begin.

Are there any like-minded people out there? Souls with the same calling?

Enough about yours truly already. I do not like to explain myself to the zillions individuals out there. What is goth? People always, by a reflex action, associate goth with satanism, which is totally wrong and off the mark. Far off the mark as I would later point out.

Take a good read at this site.


And find out for yourself.

The wonders that exist out there beyond your feeble imagination.

Yours truly


At 9:58 am, Blogger Rhys D. said...

But alas, what was the true meaning of 'Goth' is now tainted. It is no longer a way of expressing yourself, but a trend. Ask anyone on the road their idea of goth, they'll give you asinine points like all goths are supposed to be anti-christ, all goths are supposed to be suicidal, all goths are supposed to dress in black, all goths are supposed to write depressing poetry, no matter how inane the poem may be.

Ahh, stereotypes.
Some supposed 'goths' will even tell you black is a colour. =D

It's amazing how things that are bad for you can taste so good.
Do try to stay away from the cigarettes.


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