Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hot Chocolate

There is nothing like a mug of steaming hot chocolate that you can grasp in between your pinkish fingers, the sweet aromo of cacao wafting all around you, heightening your sensory perceptions. And when you look down, you see the still swirling chocolate, from the after effects of you stirring it, a fruitless effort trying to cool it down. Do you see the white squarish pieces floating above it?

Marshmallows, you squealed with mental delight. The best thing to go with a hot mug of chocolate. And you comfortably placed yourself against the window, looking out at the shining vista ahead of you.

The view never failed to render you speechless every time. It was paranomic, the horizon lay unbroken for ages, juxtaposed by the clutter of buildings that were clinically called flats. Nondescript buildings containing a vast amount of life inside. Could life ever be quantified, you wondered?

The irony of the situation struck you, a humdrum of life shelled up in buildings that were cold replicas of one another. The feeble efforts by the ruling party to strike up life didn't really help much. Perhaps they had been too good at their jobs, killing off the necessary deviance in the society. Here, there was plenty of imbalance, you could sensed. It would take many years before this error could be corrected and the ship steered on course again.

As such thoughts drifted to an end in your mind, for you had no wish to depress yourself further, your eyes settled upon the dark landscape of the night sky. How beautiful it was, to see the stars shimmering. For a brief moment, you felt so insignificant in the great scheme of things. The stars up there looked like they know everything, and they weren't going to tell you at all.

And as your eyes roved across the land, still sipping your chocolate, the bustle of the city's night life struck you. You never knew that it was still so busy at night. Cars still scramble for every inch on the precious roads, like they paid for it, and so it must be theirs.

You looked down, and saw that your mug was almost empty. So fast, you thought. As you looked up again, you saw that the view had morphed drastically. The moon had rose, casting an unearthly glow upon the tiny figures below. Somehow, you felt even more insignificant at that point of time. What a pity that your significant other wasn't here to share the paranormic sights with you. You felt as if your the other half was missing.

With a sigh, you stood up, your mug drained to its last drop, and left the room, carrying a heavy heart with you.


Amazing what drinking hot chocolate in the middle of the night can do to you. *chuckles*

Your servant


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