Thursday, October 28, 2004

"An Do No Harm, Do What You Will"--Wicca Rede

A dreary day to begin with and I have not even fully reuperate from my endeavours the past few days. *Coughs* 'Tis a tough time coming up with the moon at its fullest, emanating thoughts of wickedness, ready to change anyone who is weak enough mentally.
Yesterday, at the dark depths of my dungeons, I flipped through the tomes of a certain group. Insane scribblings by them, rambling of their God. Crying out to their God for help. Do they really haha...God is not there to help you my young sweet mortals. Help yourself. He does not bother with all these mundane stuff. He has greater things to be contended with *laughs devilishly* The group of mortals will try their best to put a stake through my heart if they ever read this. What are religions but for mortals to wallow in their own pity and regret? Aren't they all the same? Do these foolish people ever realise they may be worshipping the same God? It is just language and manipulations of people that made them different. All are one God.
What we believe in is paganism. I find it more comforting that way. Yes, there is a God. The Creator, but not necessary alike to what the Jews, the Muslims, the Christians etc. think. For you all mortals out there who are flipping through the dusty pages of this tome, the meaning of life on this very plane is evolution, both physically and spiritually into a higher state of existence. That is where these so called 'angels' come from. You do not know it, but in the beginning, they were just mortal beings, like me once upon a time, but they evolved after they passed from one cycle to another, into the winged creatures of myth. Blasphemous ground don't you think? I couldn't care less. I shall not elaborate too much. I am too tired to write already. The lack of blood is getting to me. On an afternote, we are also just another group of evolved beings. That is all for now I think.
Yours truly


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