Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Here I am, stuck in this air-conditioned library. Who would have thought that the libraries of this age and time would have no books at all? Weird are the machinations of the world. I have found myself preparing, or rather, as some of my acquaintances would put it, mugging, for my test on this coming Friday. Imagine, the frustration I had when I am trying to solve the intricacies of the human language. I can never understand you all. What is it with intransitive verbs and x~grammar phrases that you find it so orgasmic? Puzzling indeed. Can pleasure be derived from such things? Is there magick in them that my eyes cannot see or are the doors closed to me?

So how do you find the writings so far? I dare not claim that it's poetry for it's not my claim to make but my dear reader. Is it satisfying to you? Perhaps I shall feature others from a certain acquaintance over at Canada. I shall propose my idea and we will see how it works out. The works are rather interesting I must add. Back to track, for yet I waver again.

I have tried to feature them in chronological order as best as I could. Niji~ was my first stab at writing. I may have missed the neck, but at least it was my maiden attempt. And it opened the gates for the rest. The Glass Rose was second. It was for my first beloved. Written specially for her. Alas things were not meant to be. That was two years ago. Last Glimpse was inspired by a song. And -Passing By Eden- was my attempt at a haiku. -remembrance- was written in the aftermath of -Passing By Eden-. For when I write, I tend to drown myself in a whirlpool of pain and sorrow. So strong that at times, I find it difficult to pull myself out into reality again. Another World and Despair was written quite closely to each other. But when, I cannot exactly remember. I hope you do enjoy my writings as much as I take the pleasure in sharing them with you dear reader. For now, I shall end here and leave you with another of my works...

Yours truly


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