Saturday, December 11, 2004

Letter # 5

She accepted my offer after work. So I took the same bus with her home. She was quite a cute girl in her own way. Not stunningly beautiful or anything, but she had her own attractiveness.
After work, if we were on the same shift, I would send her home. I always sent her straight to her door despite her protests. After all, I thought that since I already sent her halfway, why not go all the way? And to me, it wasn't too nice to let a girl go home in the dead of the night. Who knows what lies on the way from the lift to the house?
Well, to say that during this time I did not develop any feelings would be lying. Somehow, one way or another, I began to like her. And perhaps see her as a possible girlfriend. But I did not know how she feel. That was the problem.
Bit by bit, I began to sound her out. Dropped her little hints here and there. The results were entirely disappointing. She saw me only as a friend. She even told me that I would make a very good boyfriend. Everyone said I was sweet. But sweet guys always suffer the short end of the stick. In the end, I began to retreat safely without letting her know that I was ever interested in her. After some time, I stopped working at that place as my school term was starting. In the beginning, we still maintained contact. Gradually, even that began to fade into nothingness, back into the void of darkness. Soon, we never even messaged anymore. However, there was once she called me and left me a voice mail. During that time, I was in the army and had absolutely no time to pick up any calls until the late of the night when our missions had ended. That instance left me wondering what did she called for after so long.


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