Monday, March 07, 2005

Hounds of Hell and Tomes of Tears

Ah, back to the warm bosom of my tomes I lie, always greeting me with open arms and never a dagger hidden behind a smile. Always the sincerity, always so humble. You who are so willing to give me the proverbial listening ear when I need it. I'm back.

My apologies ma cherie, for having been apart for so long. Almost a week wasn't it? Back to a lover's embrace, that familiar feeling, the warm fuzziness lying at the bottom of your heart.

I had to put to rest the hounds of Academia, for they were chasing me and nipping at my heels mercilessly. No doubt I would fall apart and vanish into nothingness if I do not fully concentrate on the task of dispelling those socerous mongrels. Be gone to Hades. Join ye own kind Cerberus in guarding the Gates of Hades. At last, these foul four-legged firebreathing matter had been forced back into their own realm and I am free. For now. For now I suppose. It is only a matter of time before Cerberus comes himself to collect the debt. But that is another story for another time.

It has come to my attention that many mortals are saying that these online tomes mushrooming all over the so called internet are mostly bearing sad tidings.

Well, I say, it all depends on what kind of sad tidings you bring. Or scribe. If it belongs to the classification of the mundane and boring to hell, by which I mean your everyday events, your love life and so on and so forth, well then, I am not going to spend more than what is respectable for it. Which is to say none at all. I have no patience for such mortal sulkings. Please do it somewhere else. And don't let us see it. Heaven forfends.

Back to the topic before I ramble on and on again. My my, I do have many words to spew forth don't I? It comes from being silent for a long time. There is always a catch. And so, if these tomes do not bear sweet tidings, then what for are they, I hear you mouthing that. Do not worry my dear reader, I am not going to swallow you bones and whole. At least not today. Today, I am in an uplifting mood. Now now, I divert from the path once again.

Alright, sweet tidings. Do we look like those sweet mopey types to you? Maybe, who knows. But let's just reiterate the point. No tomes bear sweet tidings, for sweet tidings need no sharing. But the pain and the hurt of the machinations of the cruel world peaks to such an extent that we all need a shoulder to turn to, open arms to lie in, ears to whisper into.

And therefore, we have our Tomes. Our Muses. Without them, life would be sad. Sounds a bit contrary don't you think? I leave that for you to ponder over my dear reader.

All would be made clear in due time, all in due time, patience patience young one.

Au revoir

Yours truly


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