Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Le Masquerade

Procession of motorcade flows through the streets
The rain like a curtain hangs upon the scene
As if dying was a shameful deed

Faces hidden behind glided masks in glee
Celebration of Death a la masquerade
Morbid dance of life after the dead

Smiling Hypocrisy stands among the crowd
In his teeth a blade made in Tinseltown
For your throats to sell by the British pound

Money himself dances with the sinful crowd
Triggers the giggles of them well-bred ladies
And Greed hides behind the fan of aristocracy

Sisters of mercy to us cometh
Wrap us tight with your kisses and gowns
And let not God on us frown

Embrace us and with a penance we do pay in obolus
To heal a wrong with a wrong
Make no mistakes let us be reborn

Deliver us to salvation
Before the motorcade fades
Leads us to where we belong
Right between your legs


At 2:41 am, Blogger bYzAnT|N3 said...

A piece inspired by the recent Parade of Dreams? I must really take my hat off to you! You make death sound like Mardi Gras.

At 2:46 am, Blogger Aristocrat said...

Ah, but it was not inspired by the Parade of Dreams. :) The parade of dreams is but a charade celebrating society's success. And who celebrates the downfall? No one at all, and where do all these people go?

Yours truly

At 11:39 pm, Blogger Rhys D. said...

Forgive for saying this, but I thought the flow of the poem to be somewhat irregular. Otherwise, I enjoyed the personification of Hypocrisy and such. I'm not about to jump into conclusions over the last line, though.

Well, just to answer you question, the bands are a part of a movement to educate us on the evils of pre-marital sex. Apparently, the red band stands for 'true love' and the white one for 'purity'. Now, doesn't that just make you squirm?


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