Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mad Prose

NOW now, that was a pretty long rant. Was it not?
he most fertile plot of land can do wonders
to even the wilting flower. But enough
o'such dreadful stuff. Tis a weekend, a day, a day
for cheerily fluff and for indulging in one's excesses.
Excesses to the contrary, a little drop
-In potency it belongs Dutch courage it's called-
of the potent liquid is enough to do
wonders for numbers as one plus one becomes three
and the the gold seems to be in the midst of the rainbow.
And something for the little narcissist in everyone, including
Aristocrat yours truly.
A dance of magick, twirly and swirly under
the deep dark nights. As we invite the Moon
to come down to earth, lucid dreaming we do.
"Enough enough!" Cries the Other.
"You rant you rant! Bring down the Moon you do say. Bah what rubbish is this! Spits an Other.
"But but..."
"Surely no more buts, young'un. Show them what you truly want
Come on fella, don't be shy. A little always does more good"
Nod nod goes the Other.
"Listen to the wise one you bag of wool for brains fool"
And bit by bit, gingerly tenderly
He took up the sweet little sign which says
Gracias, Velvet."


Some weird prose, for the weird Other in an Other.
Some weird prose, for the Night that stands by the Day
At the same time
In the same place
They stood.
The Other's face melted into an Other
And the Night becomes one with Day


At 7:42 am, Blogger . : A : . said...

Interestingly written. I like how it is poetry at times and prose at others.

At 9:41 pm, Blogger Aristocrat said...

Well, it was to thank Velvet for her entry in the guestbook. Right at the top there.

Kind of mindboggling when I read this mad prose again. Can't believe I wrote this. Sounds wrong, but then again, it's mad prose after all. I tend to abuse the construct of poetic license sometimes...


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