Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blogfest 2006

Event Highlight: NUS Blogfest 2006

Duration: 27th Feb to 27th Mar

Good evening fellows, it seems I have been remiss in my updates again. You must pardon me for I have had the busiest few weeks ever. It would appear that all deadlines have a preference for coming together at the same time. Even now, I am still rushing to meet them. However, let this be a snap update. As you guests have known, someone has kindly encouraged me to participate in this NUS Blogfest. For my foreign guests, NUS simply refers to National University Of Singapore.

It is an event where people vote for their favourite blogs in three categories, namely Best NUS Blog, Most Creative Blog and Funniest Blog.

My weblog has been entered into the Most Creative Blog.

Now this is where you come in my dear guest. You get to vote and decide whether I will win this poll or not. If other blogs in the category rouses your interest more than mine, you have the license to go ahead and vote for them. If not, to me people, to me!

Here comes the tricky part after you have decided who to vote for. Owning to renowned bureaucracy of our esteemed and much lauded University, there are a few procedures that you have to go through. And consider yourself lucky that it is but a FEW only. Imagine the suffering of those who have to encounter the mammoth every day!

Firstly, you have to register at
Livewire. This will create a user account for you where you can vote. You will have to provide a userid and your email address and thereafter they will send the password to your email.

With that password, you can now proceed to login HERE. After logging in, you should be able to see a screen featuring other links. Click on the VOTE HERE link.

If not, clicking
HERE will take you to the same space as well.

Where am I? I see you asking...

Well, there are 3 categories there and I am to be found in the middle, NUS Most Creative Blog. Click there and you will find my weblog address. Be sure to vote for the correct person.

Now now, I see you shaking your head. Fear not, I am not passing myself up as the mortal with the most creative blog in NUS. I do think that there are others out there who are better. No worries on that score.

Before I end, don't forget to vote for me! And there are many more updates to come, for instance spy something new in this weblog. Two in fact!

Till then, gracias.

Postscript: The best thing is, you people can vote DAILY, which means a vote a day!


At 1:50 am, Blogger shyloh said...

I went dear and voted and I do wish you the best ever. Thank you always for stopping by my place.It means the world to me.

SHHHH! So far you are ahead haha.


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