Friday, December 24, 2004

Letter #13-Abnocto

It has been a very long night for me, as I lie about in the enclosed haven of darkness, she swallowing every morsel of light, leaving me in a comforting daze, akin to the mortals of imbibing alcohol and getting high. Events of that night ran through my celebral organ, flashing past with an incoherent speed that I could not even catch. Perhaps it was due to the influence of alcohol too.
As much as an immortal hates to admit his mortal faults and trangressions, no matter how egregious, I have to confess to a priest perhaps, to accept Communion, that I have participated in the mortal practices of imbibing alcohol beyond one's point of tolerance.
I met my friend that I haven't seen in quite a long while, at least a few moons, and we went to Attica, for he works there as a bartender. After that, we went to my workplace to get a few bites and drinks. After that, off to Forbidden City we flew, indulging in excesses over there. The next destination on the iternary was Chinablack, an egregiously and hermeutically disappointing place. Never shalt thou stepeth inside ye place everth again! So to Devils Bar we went to instead, indulging in a few more drinks that finally took us over the edge and beyond into the Milky Way, floating above the heavens, and looking with detachment at the earthly events that were happening below us. What amusement!
As the fiery sun always sets and all good things must come to an end, so did it. In the end, the imbibed contents brought forth a bout of prescience in me, with such violent repercussions that I had swore never to go through it again. Yet it did. And in my dreams I saw, I saw my future, where there was no salvation. Where there was this little girl, not so little yet not an adult either. She was a Adult Child. So tempting yet so sinful. I really did see this girl with clarity. She was with her friend, and I remembered the consequences were dreadful. In my dreams, there was happiness in the beginning, happiness I could not remember it ever existed. But something went wrong. Terribly wrong. And I don't know what. What did the dream prophesised? What was it trying to tell me? I have no idea. I have never been a Dream Reader. And who in the burning Hell and Heaven would have a Name called Twink? This plagues me endlessly...
Dreams, what are they? Are they the exact mirrors of Reality as what some said, as what some of the Old Ones believed? If they are, this is to be a bad omen indeed, and I fear, I fear for something which I don't even know. I am rambling again I see. It is still too early to do anything fruitful, too early for us to rise. There is nothing I can do now, but to retire to the silky comforts of my haven, of my nest, and think upon what is the next move, which pawn shall be moved.
Yours truly


At 1:30 am, Blogger Rhys D. said...

They say curiosity killed the cat, then perhaps I am welcoming curiosity to kill the crayfish.
It is amazing how you seem so perpetually gloomy and dark, whereas moods like these are quite hard to come by in the lands of mine. You truly do live up to your name, Aristocrat. Your writings possess a certain sophistication, it is hard not to read on once one has begun reading your passages. As I have said before, Captivating, as always.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.


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