Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Company in Solace

Ah so many thoughts so many thoughts on such a day, a white day filled with pale downy roses it seems, of white petals that are barely hanging upon the stalk, clinging on for their dear lives. With such a clarity I see things, almost like an oracle, casting the bones for my future. It has never been so clear before, like a mist lifted right before my eyes. It is true that with age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes more ignorance. You realise you are more ignorant of all the ways of Mother Nature.

How beautiful the music, the litany of the voices drumming into my celebral organ. Ah, the release I seek from this painful world. In fact, this world is just fine. It's just the two-legged beings covering every spot of this globe that makes things pathetic, that makes me want to puke. The softness of the guitar, the drums, everything becomes one big orchestra. And the world is the stage. But where hast the conductor gone to?

And the night, how I take to Night like fish to water. It seems that Night understands me the best, offering me solace, leaving me alone. Yet, I do not feel alone at all. I feel removed from this world, viewing this starry little city from the high heavens above, a truly wonderous sight to behold. Only in Night I feel comforted. A world of poets. I need sustenance. I am running dry again. Oh Night, sustain me with your blanket of darkness. Don't abandon me like the others. You are the only constant in my life. As sure as Day, there will be Night.

I have made my decision. Yes I have. Perhaps it may be the wrong one, or the right one, who knows. Repercussions would be felt, this I stake my soul upon it.

And dear readers, if up to now, you still cannot comprehend what am I scrribling in my tomes, try reaching a little deeper. Everything is on a different level here, a little bit higher than those suffering below, or a little bit lower. It all depends on what perspective you view yours truly. Perspectives. Paradigms. Whatever. You see it your own way in here. God? Satan? Up to you my readers.

Your servant always


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