Saturday, December 25, 2004

Letter #14-Albeo

Now now what can I say? The moment I heaved away the blankets of Light, for another new beginning of the Night, what shall I see but white cheer everywhere? It drags painfully upon my vampiric heart to see such good spirits around. Perhaps not my humane one though.
I have nothing much to say, nothing much to say today. It is simply too cheerful for me to stand it. Have you even flipped the papers today? They have four stories of Christmas cheer by four youths and they say it's promising! The gall of them to claim so! Spreading cheer when none is needed. Such a cliche...of what? Camaderie? Goodwill? Tis for the nth time that I am hearing it. Even a mortal will be repulsed in his ever so short lifespan, not to mention me. Could you humans please please, I beg of you, leave us alone with all your cliches and whatnots. Stop your false pretense of positivity. Drop your cloak of shadows, you shapeshifters. Reveal your true self if you dare you bunch of spineless and headless hypocrites.
'Tis a time to indulge in an excess of sins and obession.
A blurry white Christmas marred with red and black.
Not festivity red. Not party black.
And blood.
Lots of it.
Yours truly


At 10:45 pm, Blogger Rhys D. said...

So speaketh the Crayfish: "Ouch."

Your words, or perhaps the whole aspect of you, reminds me of my morbidity in the past. It is easily shrugged off now, but mindsets like these can be lethal,
wherever I am getting at.

The world beyond, such a painful sight.
I'd rather be hiding in my shell.

Didn't even get past the first five paragraphs of first story (on the newspaper) before I decided flip the page. It's a shame the press publishes such substanceless and unrealistic tales. But hey, who are we to say anything. Notice how all the authors are from top schools. Publicity stunt, urgh.

At 10:56 pm, Blogger Rhys D. said...

Yes.. well, hahah. The thought wormed its way into my mind after I posted. What am I saying, I'm only fifteen. But yes, it was a bumpy ride until I arrived at my present state of mind.

I suppose everyone has a hidden alter-ego thing going on. Yes, private Rhys exists, she enjoys engaging in conversations with public Rhys, especially in public.
How embarrasing.

I'd say I'm a relatively trigger-happy person as well. =)

Ahh, well. Sagittarians. Do you suffer from the same illness of not being able to sit perfectly still for a single minute?


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